using Slack at Hub Fuerteventura Coworking Space


First time I heard about Slack, was during a presentation about productivity tools for remote workers, it happened at Palett Pizza, a biannual event celebrated in Fuerteventura where, local companies, present their projects, meet other people and share Pizza for lunch; the speaker, Gustavo Medina from The Singular Factory, made a quick mention to Slack as one of the tools to have an eye on it, he wasn't using it yet, since at that time it was an invitational only product (Beta phase), the guy asked the audience for an invitation, no one was into Slack yet. I had a glimpse at the website, it was meant for team communication, and at this moment I was the only one on my team, thus, didn't explore any further. Not too long after, I knew about an awesome project called Nomad List , on that website, you get lots of useful information about best cities for digital nomads to life and work from, made by nomads for nomads. I'm kinda stuck on this paradise island and for very good reasons, but I've been a nomad for a good part of my life, and I really loved it; immediately, i signed up for the list to join other 3000 nomads "to chat life, work and travel". After filling a Typeform and paying an small (and worthy) fee, I received an invitation to join the #-_nomads team on Slack, BANG!!! I was in. 

First impression: right after the the nice and warm welcome from the channel's @slackboot, i found what it looked like a chat room, and indeed it was; a sidebar with a list of channels and users, that's it, for now. I was jumping from channel to channel, peeking around people's life and interests, getting and giving advices, especially, about traveling on Central America, coworking and surfing; three areas on which I'm not an expert, but have some experience with. Little by little I was getting to know more digital nomads and making friends, I even meet the first guest of the coworking space through a conversation about surfing. The first aspect I loved was the resemblance with the old IRC, which it was my first contact with Internet back in 1993. An IRC on steroids, even though, at this point, I wasn't using integrations or any of the handy tools Slack has build in. Slack keep me informed about such a new movement of paradigm shifters while helps me learn new tips and tricks for future travel.

Hub Fuerteventura is a Copass affiliated coworking space

Second team I joined is Copass team (; as a manager of a coworking space and member of Copass I feel myself part of a large team and since they created the Slack channel, communication among managers it's way better, we use to share useful information through the channels, and is the first place I turn to when looking for any coworking related info, first hand experiences from real users. Fast learning, time saver tool. They are slowly extending the tool for Copassers, coworkers affiliated to the network, in order to create a large family and a one stop shop for coworking tips and resources. Slack helps me stay in touch with distant colleagues, making easy improving my business and one on one clients communication.

Third team: Talksquarespace. I'm an ocasional site builder, with no much time to dig in web development, although I would like to. Squarespace became my favorite platform for website building from the very first moment, I like his simplicity yet powerful features, probably, its worst drawback is the lack of community support in terms of plugins or hacks. Few weeks ago, Jason Barone, a designer-developer and founder of Squarefront, a site dedicated to build better Squarespace websites, launched another useful and interesting Slack team, called Talksquarespace. On that team, people talk about, well, Squarespace. Bugs, development, design, plugins, marketing, coding, you name it. On Talksquarespace, through Slack, I'm learning about my preffered website builder at a pace would otherwise be impossible. 

Last but not least: I recently created my own Slack team; I called it "Ride Fuerteventura" (, this community  is meant to be an open platform for carppoling/carsharing on our island, for surfers by surfers. The team was originally intended for our guests at Hub Fuerteventura Coworking Space, as a means to share rented cars when going for surf or island hopping; now, we want to make it available for  any visitor on the north of Fuerteventura. Our island, receives up to 2.5 million visitors per year, at least 50% of them use a rented car as a primary way of transport, the vast majority of those cars, are occupied by two people (couples), thus, at least 60% of his capacity is being untapped. On the coworking space, people share the office, on the house, people share rooms, therefore, why not to share car? Why not to make a better use of petrol and resources? If you ever come over Fuerteventura, join us for carsharing, get to know the sourrondings in good company and help us keep beaches car free, or minimum occupancy rate.