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Free your mind, build your team, make lifelong connections






Free your mind, build your team, make lifelong connections



retreat overview

You’re an adventurous entrepreneur, a distributed team company or a visionary startup? The endless horizon is your limit and you want to collaborate, and be inspired, do something extraordinary? Get your people on a team building retreat in beautiful Fuerteventura. Make connections and create life long relationships beyond work

 Coboat adn Hub Fuerteventura Coworking Space. coboat.org

We want to make sure that you have everything you need for a successful retreat. One of the things that distinguishes Tortuga Retreats apart from the others is our Concierge Service, which can help you arrange just about anything – from unforgettable excursions to once-in-a-lifetime dinners.

 Coboat in Hub Fuerteventura Coworking Space

Creating shared experiences that motivate and provide value is at the heart of what we do. Team members will form bonds over experiences they share together, and our goal is to offer activities and experiences that will enhance relationships, build loyalty and trust.


The House

The Hub it's been build to accommodate teams and groups; not a regular villa but a place set for collaboration and fun. It is convenient located in Lajares, a village well known for it's laidback atmosphere and for being home for most of the surfers and artist in the north of the island. Features 5 rooms, each one can comfortably host up to 3 people, accesible through the common area or privately from the outside.


Our Coach Diego is a mentor and consultant for online business strategies. He has traveled all over Latin America, Germany and Spain talking and teaching about innovation and digital transformation. Restless traveller and digital nomad, can be seen equally speaking on a conference in a university in Berlin, helping small business in Medellín or dancing to DJ at The Burning Man






 Becky. Marketing officer

Becky. Marketing officer

 Karsten. Co-Founder & skipper

Karsten. Co-Founder & skipper

 Jacob. Chef

Jacob. Chef



the package

the package

"A la carte retreats"

WE <3 OUR USERS!!!!! Put the user at the core of your business with metrics and analitycs


On Coboat, you will learn with Diego how to create efficient web sites by thinking in our user behavior. Create online marketing strategies based on KPIs, tips & tricks about how to optimize the conversion (CRO) and how to use metrics and analytics to reach a wider audience. 

You want to create efficient pages? Do you want to measure user behavior? Do you want to optimize conversions on your website?

This week will be about: Digital strategy, growth hacking, inbound marketing, metrics and everything related

How about the other ingredients of the Coboat experience?

Can I still do some remote work? Swim and snorkel? Learn about Coboat's ocean mission? Collaborate and get "idea-slapped"?

Absolutely! Learning expert skills during one of our special themed weeks are an add-on treat so you get even more out of your time on board.

Let us know in the comments what you want to learn and what would be your most awesome outcome from this week on Coboat.

“We believe the fusion of inspiring situations and environments with adventurous talents will create a catalyst for creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship and change – all this on a boat.”


What's on the menu

  • Creativity breakfast
  • Surf lessons
  • SUP lessons
  • Design Thinking workshops
  • Yoga
  • UX workshop
  • Speaking lab

Creativity breakfast

Gamification is among the best ways to increase your creativity and lateral thinking. We use the gamestorming way to wake up you neurones first thing in the morning

Surf lessons

Surfing is well known or being one of the most fun and challenging sports. Your team will love sliding on the waves, fighting arm by arm with nature

SUP lessons

Step into water on the easier water sport. From the calm waters on the bay to a SUP trip in Lobos island. Treat yourself with a easy yet active sport

Get Back in The Box

Your project got rocket boosted at some point, you are immerse in a feeding frenzy crazy activity overhelmed with every single


  • Airports Pick
  • 7 days / 7 nights in shared or private room
  • Welcome dinner
  • Access to fast wifi 
  • Delicious, fresh breakfast with a creative mastermind session
  • Farewell party

Coboat Crew-min.jpg

Why join?

Why join?



You will work, playl and explore together. One anchorage at a time. You will be exploring local cultures, beaches and places you cannot believe and meet up with coworking communities. There will be opportunities to learn something new about yourself and your team, enjoy a swim or surf and many sunrises and sunsets.



The Canary Islands are one of the paradigmas for idilic, paradisiac islands; particularly in Autumn, when the strong winds are over, waters are calm, warm and pristine. By this time of the year, nature shows up on her best dress 


Sailing per se, is one of the most fun and interesting activities you ca do in life, but, Hey! there is quite a lot more to do on this adventure. Watch the dolphins and whales ride along with the boat, snorkeling on cristal clear waters, diving in a natural reserve and the jewel of the crown in Fuerteventura...best surfing on this side of the Atlantic. If you are an experienced surfer, you'll have the chance on of the longest right hand waves in the world, Lobos Right. All this, right next to the Coboat mooring in Fuerteventura


Collaborate, innovate and create with fellow coworkers. Free your mind. Immerse yourself in nature. Boost your productivity on the sea. Retreats at The Hub is all about achieving balance and creating a life to love: When you need a break from work, get unplugged, connect with others or dive into the crystal clear blue water






Do I need any sailing experience?

Absolutely not. However, you can learn a bit more about sailing onboard should you want to!

What are the sleeping arrangements?

Coliving on a boat means space is limited, so.. we share! Cabin layout varies: two, three and four berths per cabin. We will endeavour to honour requests for sleeping arrangements. Feel free to also sleep on deck (when safe)!

If I'm female, will I share with another female?

Yes of course, all females will be paired together – unless you are part of a couple!

How many crew members are on board?

At minimum, three: captain, cook and community manager. The number of deck hands will vary depending on conditions and location.

How many Coboaters are on board?

Maximum capacity on Coboat is 20 passengers.

What are the cabins like?

There are four double and one twin cabin available for sharing, each is equipped with modern and comfortable beds and they have their own bathrooms.

Is seasickness an issue?

Most of the journey takes place on calm waters. Coboat’s size also minimizes movement of the vessel in the event of choppy weather. In rare cases of seasickness, our experienced crew comes to the rescue; with ginger cookies, yoga, meditation, and (if necessary) medication.

Are there any physical requirements for the trip?

Due to the nature of the experience and in the interest of safety we ask that you are a competent swimmer and of good physical state. If there is any doubt we will need you to notify us so we can make a decision. We feel the trip is not suitable for pregnant women beyond 6 months. It is with regret that due to the access restrictions and layout on our vessel wheelchair bound guests and some physically disabled people cannot join.