At HUB FUERTEVENTURA, we are aimed to be a home away from home for those of you living on the road. Digital nomads, bloggers, travelers, surfers, digihippies, remote workers, designers, coders, and all kind of free minded people like you. A hub for creativity, life stories and vital experiences to share. 
A small coworking space that can host comfortably up to 15 people; featuring fixed and nomad's desks, a meeting room, a classroom and the hackspace, a space where we organize events and workshops, or where you can have a coffee, relax and have a chat or a Skype call.

Coffee is on us, of course.


✔ Solid, fast internet
✔ Very comfy chairs
✔ Creative  ambience
✔ Coffee, water & tea
✔ Workshops and events
✔ Yoga room
✔ Meeting/Skype room



Whether if you are a beginner or the heaviest tube rider, Fuerteventura have a wave for you. The Hub and the villa are convenient located within a three minutes walk from some world class waves. All along the North Shore, you'll be treated to a wide variety of beach and reef breaks for every level and taste. Powerful right hands, soft long lefts, barrels and the jewel of the crown; Lobos Island, one of the longest right hand waves on this side of the ocean. You can find more information in Surfer's Map and Magic Seaweed.

Not a surfer yet ? No problem, take a surf course and the instructors will make a surfer out of you in no time. We joined forces with the older surfschool in town, in order  to make sure that you are in good hands, instructors are always certified professionals, passionate about surfing. Lessons are designed for every age and level and schedules, remember that you have to get some job done, after surfing.


✔ Surf spots around the corner
✔ Surf lessons
✔ Community surf trips
✔ Best waves on this side on the Atlantic