Our passion and main leisure activity is surf. We go surfing as much as we can, when work allows; you can always join us for a weekly surf trip on the north shore; but, if you are not interested is caching waves, there is plenty of things our island has to offer, mainly related to enjoy the wild rough volcanic nature of Fuerteventura. Whatever your preference is, you'll be exposed to the most valuable this island has for all of us, a sense and feeling of freedom and safeness like nowhere else.


Volcano hiking: choose one of the many volcanoes you can climb. Feel the rough nature under your feet

surfing in fuerteventura

Go surfing!! world class all year round waves

starsgazing in fuerteventura. starslight reserve

Sleep on the beach and surf the day next, you'll never forget the feeling

whales watching in corralejo

Whales watching

Go to the kite festival on the dunes of Corralejo

Diving in some of the best spots on this side of the Atlantic

tapas night

Tapas night. Help us rank the best tapas in town

runnin on the desert in Fuerteventura

Running on the desert

a walk in mars from corralejo

Experience Mars from Corralejo

Yoga and yoga retreats

Rock climbing

Visit an Aloe Vera plantation

There is plenty of things to do in Fuerteventura, from water sports to stargazing to learning Spanish. Our recommendation; try to skip tourist attraction that often times provide only fake experiences, based on consumption and  natural resources exploitation. If you really want to get involved in the community and get the best of the island, we recommend you to engage in one of the many social or environmental local projects, they will give you a deeper understanding of our particular way of living while earning some extra Karma points....

Consider to join one of these:

Help protect the ocean:

Clean Ocean Project 
Fuerteventura turtles

Dog Rescue:

Fuerteventura dog rescue


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