Kat Singer. www.katsinger.com

Hey, my name is Kat! I’m a communications freelancer. I collaborate with organizations and people to help get their messages across to the right audiences, all while following the warm weather around the globe as a digital nomad.

Prior to starting out on my own, I worked 10+ years in communications, polishing my broad skillset along the way – content writing, UX information architecture, graphic and web design, SEO, social media strategies, photography, and even translating from Swedish to English.

Getting the message across

What I enjoy most is the analytical process of content creation. It's not just about writing text; it's about keeping the reader in mind while weighing word choice and choosing the order in which information is presented. A job well done results in both communicating the message of the business and providing information that is relevant and understandable to the reader.

Collaborating with small companies is my forte. I offer a one-stop shop for setting up the website, creating business cards, and crafting content that remains focused on the target audience – allowing the company to put its energy into building the business.

Hesitant to quit my desk job

Although I’ve been in communications for awhile, I’m still quite new to the nomad and be-my-own-boss scenes. Just a year ago, I was still at my desk job and wholeheartedly disliked the idea of becoming a freelancer. As a generalist, I even felt I was lacking in-depth, specialized expertise, a trait I thought was synonymous to freelancing success.

But then last spring, my husband and I decided to test the digital nomad life. I was able to take a leave of absence from my job, so we decided to take action and flee to the Canary Islands that coming winter.

In planning our upcoming adventure, we knew we wanted to find a coworking space. In the end, we chose Hub Fuerteventura (lovingly, the Hub) because Corralejo seemed smaller and less touristy compared to the alternatives.

Inspired at the Hub

While this is true about Corralejo (mind you, you’ll still find plenty of souvenir shops and restaurant hawkers), it’s the Hub – the community of people, the laid-back atmosphere, and its mastermind Sebastian (lovingly, Sebas) – that has made this place special to us.

Our three wonderful months were filled with sunshine, surf lessons, and soul searching. I also gained inspiration and friendships from the people we met. Halfway through our time, and after many conversations, we made the decision to become digital nomads.

I was still unsure of how I would earn a living, but the more time I spent thinking it through and being surrounded by freelancers, the more it seemed possible for me and even a natural next step rather than something unknown and scary.

Kat Singer. www.katsinger.com
Kat Singer. www.katsinger.com

Taking the leap

Upon returning to Sweden, it soon became apparent that my experiencing another lifestyle and witnessing others live it had changed me. In fact, I lasted only a week back at my desk job before handing in my notice.

Over the summer, I started my company. It seemed I had magically gained the confidence I had previously lacked. But looking back, I realize that taking the leap flipped a switch in my brain – if I could dare to quit and start anew, I could do anything!

As for being my own boss, I actually love it. I really enjoy collaborating with organizations and people to help get their messages across to the right audiences. I now see my generalist background for what it is – a broad skillset complemented by expertise in a few focused areas.

I hope that my story inspires others to trust in themselves enough to pursue their own ambitions. Find people who inspire and encourage you. Find yourself a cheerleader. Find inspiration on the internet! And by all means, allow yourself to believe that you actually can.