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I have always been a traveller, free spirit. First hitch hiking around Europe & living in eco-communities until found buzzling life of big cities in the eighties. Lived through rebellious London and moved to New York to fall in love with a new hip hop, house and techno scene. Run clubs, studied media & made videos, had best job in Manhattan as a bike courier. Had Ventura, one of the first graphic design programs.

Lived through becoming a mother, running social projects with a creative twist, being unemployed, sorting out my head & writing a book about my trauma history. And finally re-educating myself into the media skills in the digital era. And now working with video, documentaries, web design & VOB digital books. Some examples of my work is found here:

My greatest motivation come from using media for connecting & empowering people. I haven´t found a name for this “method” but good example of it is my latest 3 year long project with traumatized women. We found each other in the chat forum for dissociative disorder, wrote a book Five women, hundred lives by communicating mainly online and hardly ever meeting each other as it didn´t feel safe -until we decided to make a digital video book, too! After publishing these 2 books, we established a site with a blog and started being active in Facebook (viisi naista, sata elämää). Now in 5 months we have crossed some critical point and stories of survivors are flying in. This has become a safe haven for many, to become heard and to be supported. We will start publishing more digital VOB (videos on book) stories in 2017 as well as will have our original book translated in English. More information about VOB is found in our site (in English). 

VOB is a new digital publishing platform created by me & partner. We will be working in HUB Fuerteventura from December 2106-March 2017. We are very open to collaboration. Jukka will be developing our platform further, so that we can have people to publish their video books online by themselves, if they wish so. 


And, I come from Lapland, Finland originally. Contact me: