work and surf



work and surf



Take a break from routine

Healthy and active life is our best asset when it comes to do our job or run a company. Wether if you are a project manager, an entrepreneur, a web designer or, you name it; whatever your profession is, you will sometimes work under pressure, and you will need a break in order to cope with all this. 
Combining work and surf, is best way to boost productivity and creativity, recharge batteries, and go back home feeling a bit more alive



There is so much more to surfing than riding a wave, and we want you to have the full experience! 


There is so much more to surfing than riding a wave, and we want you to have the full experience! 


Whether if you are a beginner or the heaviest tube rider, Fuerteventura have a wave for you. The Hub is convenient located within a three minutes walk from some world class waves. All along the North Shore, you'll be treated to a wide variety of beach and reef breaks for every level and taste. Powerful right hands, soft long lefts, barrels and the jewel of the crown; Lobos Island, one of the longest right hand waves on this side of the ocean. You can find more information in Surfer's Map and Magic Seaweed.

work and surf program | Hub Fuerteventura


surf lessons

Not a surfer yet ? No problem, jump on one of our weekly  surf courses and the instructors will make a surfer out of you in no time. We've joined forces with the best surfschool in town, in order  to make sure that you are in good hands. Instructors are always certified professionals, passionate about surfing. Lessons are designed for every age and level.


join us

join us

Work and surf

1 week 2 weeks
Coliving + coworking 280€ 500€
Surf lessons 1 day 45€ 3 days course 120€

What's included

  • Accommodation in private room

  • Surf lessons

  • Coworking space

  • Community events

  • Fully equipped homes

  • A community of like minded professionals to live with

  • Surf Trip

  • Surf spot guide

What's available

  • Yoga

  • Spanish lessons

  • Surf trips/guides

  • SUP

  • Kitesurf lessosn

  • Longer stays available

  • Surf coaching for advanced surfers


Do I need any surfing experience?

Absolutely not. However, you can learn a bit more about surfing should you want to!

What are the sleeping arrangements?

Coliving on serviced apartments. You will enjoy a private room and will share common areas; kitchen, living room, bathroom and terrace

How many people is in the house?

At maximum, three: There are four apartments on a building, some are 2 bedrooms, some three bedrooms. We don't want you feel squeezeb, we know very well how importamt is to have enough room for yourself when sharing house; thus, no more than three colivers in every flat

How many coworkers are on The Hub?

Maximum capacity on The Hub is 20 coworkers. How many depends on the season

What is the surf like?

There are two main surf seasons; Winter and summer. During winter, powerfull swells hit the shore on a regular basis, with slow to none wind. That makes a dream for the advanced surfer. In summer, the trade winds deliver mild waves all along the east coast, providing constant waves on sandy beaches; perfect for debutants and beginers

Are there any physical requirements for the program?

Due to the nature of the experience and in the interest of safety we ask that you are a competent swimmer. Not necesary to be fit or even in good shape. Surfing is a highly demanding and challenging sport but, in the beginning, everyone can enjoy it; whatever the physical condition is